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Viszontlátásra. One day we will come back.



During our time in Piliscsaba we stayed at a big parish hall on the property of Marcis family. We were busy with lots of preparations which should remain exiting until the very last minute. We started (mostly) early in the morning preparing and over-thinking things and sometimes sat there until late in the evening. Both, Marci and Cinci were impressively relaxed considering the amount of things that still needed to be organized and thought of. The house we stayed at was an important part of the preparation infrastructure. So sometimes a lot of people came to our kitchen to help out. One evening some friends of Marci and Cinci came to practice some music and songs for the wedding – so we had same traditional Hungarian live-music while working. It was special to be so close to the wedding preparations, and to meet the families and friends of the two of them. The finale of the preparation was after setting up and decorating the location of the celebration to put all those little plants with the names of the guests on them onto the seat where everybody was supposed to sit. To make matters worse there was just one hand-written copy of the plan (which sometimes just contained the nicknames of people). This plan had just been made two hours before the wedding. Although we had trained different disciplines of wedding preparations a lot during the last few days and therefore were ready for some new challenges, this task seemed nearly irresolvable. Together with Bence and Flori we tried for quite some time, but just later during the celebration we were finally able to solve the last mysteries of missing chairs and lost plants.
We joined the wedding at Cinci’s house and went with all the guests to the church, were a Protestant as well as a Catholic priest were present. After that, everybody cycled to the location the celebration would be at. It was the campus of a tiny university in Piliscsaba. The whole place was set up as a festival location with lampions hanging in the trees, the ginseng light chain, hammocks, a slackline, torches,.. It was a very nice evening, there was good food and dancing, also traditional Hungarian dancing and there were speeches of he fathers of the groom and bride. The day after we said goodbye to Marci and Cinci as they left for a little honeymoon trip with their tandem. We had planned to stay one more night in Piliscsabe before heading to Dunaharaszti the next morning – Kata and Laszlo had come back from their holiday in Serbia and when they heard we were still in Hungary they had already prepared our room for us 🙂 Dunaharaszti was on our way to Serbia anyway and we couldn’t wait to seeing them again and playing some games together. On our way getting there we had some nice encounters. Just before Budapest we heard a bike bell ringing behind us, turned around and saw Marci and Cinci 😀 They hadn’t gone far the evening before and were, as luck would have it, heading into the same direction. In Obuda we took a break together, having some coffee and lemonade. It had been very special to get to know the two of them and then experience this exiting week and their wedding day with them. On the wedding it was quite funny, when we told people that we had just met them two weeks before in a bike shop. Again, we said goodbye to them and met Istvan for lunch and saying goodbye in Budapest. Then, we continued our way to Dunaharaszti. Arriving there felt so familiar, like coming home. Kata had prepared some Makosguba for us. It was great to see everyone again, to play together and to catch up on how their time in Serbia and our time at the wedding had been. We had planned to stay just one night, but as this seemed way to short, we stayed another night. On our last evening we helped translating a game, the cards and instructions, from German to English, Kata had bought this ages ago at a flea market and now we got to play it for the first time. The next morning we left, again so grateful and happy about the time we had together.
The heat structured our following days of travelling. Until now, these were the warmest days of our trip, with temperatures ranging up to more than 40 degrees, in cities even up to 50 degrees. Therefore we mostly woke up quite early, cycled a few hours and looked for a shadowy place to spend the midday heat in. If we were lucky we found a place near the Danube so we could go swimming. One day we met a man, who cycled with us for a little while and gave us a Russian lucky penny for protection. Some of the places where we camped were beautiful, but sometimes unfortunately full of mosquitoes, which made you overthinking it a lot before leaving the tent. Due to a solar panel we got in Budapest and a water bag we can put a tiny shower head on, we can travel quite independently, shower and charge our devices. Conveniently we don’t need a lot of electricity at the moment, as on one day in Piliscsaba Noemi’s phone as well as our satnav broke :S From now on we’ll have to navigate relying on maps, the compass, asking people and the sun and stars. The last night in Hungary we camped close to the Hungarian/Serbian border, which is closely watched by the Hungarian army and police. Therefore, next morning apolicecar stopped next to our tent and two heavily armed men got off to check our passports. Crossing the border to Serbia, was like every border crossing exciting, as it means you will see another country, meet new people, have new experiences, and listen to and read a new language with the cyrillic alphabet. Besides, this border was also the first ‚real‘ border with border controls we would pass.


Noemi became vice president of the Night Riders in Budapest.




The plants every guest got at the wedding.
The light chain with the ginseng-lights.


The guests already have arrived but there are still plants which have to be placed on the tables.


Bride and groom.


Our camping spot next to the Danube. Our shower bag is hung up in the tree.


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