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Hungarian for (almost) Advanced Students

If we stay in Hungary for another while, we might be able to write the next report in Hungarian 😉
Very happy and grateful for the good time we spent together with Kata, Laszlo, Adam, Flora and Anna saying goodbye wasn’t easy. During the last few days spent lots of time together playing great games, talking and having the meals together. It was a very familiar atmosphere. They told us a lot about the Hungarian language, we tried some Hungarian dishes as Makosguba, which is made with poppy seeds. We went swimming at a nearby lake and we could use their laptop for writing the blog and doing some research and just enjoyed our time with them. A few times we went to Budapest to run errands, and check on the bikes. So far, most of our time in Budapest we had spent in Csepel, which is a quite non-touristy area. In the meantime, the Rohloff-company had returned to Hungary, so Laura’s gear hub could be fixed again. The hours we spent at the bikestore, we learned some helpful swearwords and met Klara (Cinci) again, who came to collect something. We agreed on visiting her and Marton (Marci) two days later to help with some wedding preparations.
After the great week in Dunaharaszti we cycled to Budapest to take part at a Night Ride, which is a bike tour in the night through Budapest and surroundings. At night the traffic is better and the city beautifully emblazed. Istvan, the mechanic working at the bike store, had invited us to join, as he is one of the organizers. Luckily we could leave our luggage at Akos place (he also organizes the Night Rides) and also spent the night at his place afterwards. At his place we were welcomed by him , Istvan, Tamasz and Micky with some Palinka, before we went to the meeting point for the Night Ride at Syabadsag ter (freedom square). Another 10 people joined, and every time someone new arrived, everybody was inspecting their bike and commenting on it. During the tour we got to see some of the beautiful and more touristy places of Budapest. We went up to the castle and ended at Hosok tere (Hero square).
The next day we cycled together to Piliscsaba to Cinci and Marci’s place with Akos and Istvan who spontaneously joined. It was a very warm day and the road was going uphill a lot, but it was nice to cycle with the four of us. Istvan had brought a speaker, so we played some music which was a quite motivating. In Piliscsaba we were welcomed by Cinci and Marci with coffee, homemade raspberry lemonade and some delicious pastry. After that break Istvan and Akos went back to Budapest, we took a shower and joined the preparations. Before that we each went on a little tour on the recumbent tandem with Marci – it felt completely different than a usual bike and its very comfortable (maybe we are getting one for our next trip 😉 ). For the wedding we decorated glasses for candles with fabric and cord and started making a chain of lights. Marci and Cinci had collected tiny bottles that originally contained some ginseng drink during their years of studying, already having in mind, they would want to make this light chain someday for their wedding. Therefore, these 250 bottles needed to be painted and stuck to the chain. Also Sebi who was going to be the best man at the wedding, joined and it was a very nice and cozy evening.
As there was still more than enough that needed to be done, we offered to stay longer and help out. Marci and Cinci were grateful and happy and immediately put us on the guest list for the wedding. So we would stay another week in Hungary. On the following day the four of us cycled to Budapest together (Csepel of course). Marci and Cinci on their tandem were much faster than us. The tandem needed a check-up and we had decided to make some modifications at Noemi’s bike, once we are there anyway: the simmering of Noemi’s Rohloff should be fixed as oil was coming out (and the lowriders should be exchanged for a tubus las we did on Laura’s bike. We left Noemis bike there and could borrow the spare bike again. Later we went back to Piliscsaba with the train, as the weather had gotten worse. In the evening we continued making the light chain and the glasses for the candles. The next day, also Fanni and Hanga joined (friends of Cinci) for helping out and we were having a good time together. The next day it was rainy and we went again to Csepel to get Noemis bike back. Now both of our bikes should be stable so we shouldn’t have any trouble with them in the near future, hopefully. In the evening we hurried through all the traffic of the city and the rain to catch the train to Piliscsaba and met Cinci at the station. She was waiting for Marci who wasn’t there yet, we didn’t have enough time to buy tickets, so the four of us ended up missing the train but then we all had some company waiting for the next train an hour later.
Until the wedding still lots of things needed to be done. We had to fill soap bubble liquid into little bottles, fold the menus, make little presents for the guests – everyone will get a plant with their name on it,  set up the place where the celebration would be and decorate it, practice the music and songs for the wedding,.. Considering the amount of work it needs to prepare a wedding, Laura already said, she would start two years before her own wedding with everything;). It is going to be a traditional Hungarian wedding with 230 guests expected to come. Family and friends of the groom will meet at his house, family and friends of the bride at her house. Then the groom symbolically says goodbye to his family and he and the guests go to the brides house. There he has to ask her parents if he can marry their daughter. Then (assumed they say yes) he takes her to church and all the guests are following. After the church, and here is where the non-traditional part starts, the bride and groom take the tandem, and all the other guests their bikes and they all together cycle to the place where the celebration will be. We are very curious and very happy we will have the chance to be there 🙂

Working on the bikes at Evobike.

Our bikes are good to go again. With Krisztian and Istvan in front of the Evobike shop.

On the road in Budapest with Istvan, Micky and Tamas.

The view from the castle.

The Night Riders in front of the heroes.

Our heavy bikes on top. The light bikes made out of aluminium and carbon on the bottom.

Cinci’s and Marci’s tandem-recumbent.

The selfmade Ginseng-bottle-lights.

Our home in Piliscsaba for a few days.

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