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We enjoyed our time in Moosburg very much while playing Ligretto and laughing a lot. We ate nice food and got a good rest (Thanks for everything!! – a detailed feedback report is in progress 😉 ).

During our stay there we got a few things done: Laura got new tent poles by going to Munich for second time that day and ending up going to the tent-company representative’s home itself, to replace the broken poles with new ones. We sorted some things out, that we haven’t used so far and we hopefully won’t need anymore on our trip, we delivered a liqueur we had bought at a monastery to Esther, together we attached some laces to our tent stakes that they can be pulled out more easily, and we concluded our travel insurance. Saying goodbye wasn’t easy, so our departure got delayed, that we just got to Karin and Jörg’s place in Dorfen in the evening. This meeting was particularly special for Laura who hadn’t seen the two of them for more than 7 years. In Dorfen we were welcomed by Karin’s nice laughter and Jörg’s deadpan humour 🙂 The next morning after breakfast Karin gave us a little tour around Dorfen before we left.

Just before the Austrian border we had a nice encounter. At a house we asked for water to refill our bottles. We didn’t just get water but also some ice cream and Rohrnudeln with cherries – a regional pastry made from yeast dough. In our last night in Germany as well as the first one in Austria we met lots of fireflies and heard some loudly barking foxes. The first place we visited in Austria was the home of Angi and her famliy in Peterskirchen. As well as in Dorfen this was a nice reunion after a long time. We were welcomed warmly, ate home-made Käsespätzle and played DKT (the Austrian version of Monopoly) together with Andi and got to know a few facts about Austria. To this special occasion we enjoyed some Irish Bulmers. Even if everybody tried to speak as much standard German as possible and we had picked up some Austrian words, we sometimes had trouble to follow the conversations.

The next morning Angi’s mom provided us some nice picnic and a bike map of Austria. Heading towards Linz we came upon the Danube bicycle track. There are great parts of the way where you just roll – how you imagine a perfect bicycle tour: well equipped and signposted path, and not too steep 🙂 Luckily, the track wasn’t as crowded (yet) as we feared it would be. Despite the beautiful but full with lots of traffic historic center of Linz we left the place with mixed feelings. During the fixing of Laura’s bike chain the old chain was broken and a new was put on even if we preferred to keep the old one. Following the Danube we didn’t have any trouble finding nice spots to camp – sometimes even with some beautiful views on the river or a winegrowing field. We also met some boars and hedgehogs. On the Danube track you’re mostly cycling on the dyke next to the river, sometimes on roads, often with a beautiful view on the hills or apricot trees. On our way we have met some other cyclists and had some nice talks with some of them. Especially people who also carry a lot of luggage have travelled far themselves and have interesting stories to tell. We met Joseph from Slovakia and a couple that had been travelling for more than 3 years from France to Indonesia and now back home.

The most spontaneous encounter so far was meeting Löbbi and Friederike in Trasdorf. Just the night before we got their adress and noticed that they virtually live on the route we had planned. In the morning we called, just be sure somebody would be home when we came by to say hello and got the answer „Alright. See you later for some coffee and tea then“. After we found their well-hidden house (without a number or name on it) we spent a very nice afternoon, and in the end two full days there! We had a good time in Trasdorf, had some good food and lots to tell each other and talk about. During the day we cycled to Tulln (without the luggage – it feels as if you can go twice as fast as usual!) where we met Angi, who had come from Peterskirchen to see us and spent a nice day together having picnic at the Danube river.

Leaving Trasdorf the next day and the Danube track we headed towards Ladendorf (located 50 km north of Vienna). As luck would have it Noemi’s sister Lea and her friend Johanna were volunteering at a yoga retreat there that week. We were allowed to stay for the night, take part at the nice meals and join for some yoga on a nearby hill while watching the sunset. It was great seeing Lea and Johanna, spending some time with them and helping them  preparing the lunch the following day.

After saying goodbye we cycled to Vienna to meet Gordian and Alice (Noemi’s aunt and uncle). We were welcomed warmly with a delicious vegetable lasagne. Here we are staying a couple of days to rest, see Vienna, be guests at the housewarming party of Noemi’s cousin Alexander and his girlfriend Julia and plan the following part of the trip.


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