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About us

Noemi (24, on the right) is quite structured and has a good sense of humor. She likes navigating and is successful at it most of the times – but who wants to miss out on some adventurous detours.

Laura (26, on the left) did most of the research for the tour with lots of patience. As the main chef on the trip she cooks us delicious meals and is the DJ when we listen to music while cycling.

We wanted to fulfill one of our dreams by travelling a bit more of the world. The whole world at once? Where to start Asia, Oceania, Africa, America?

Eventually, we decided to travel southeast starting in Berlin heading towards Kathmandu (Nepal) – and all that by bike.

Before that, we had looked up a number of different flight connections.  But shortly before we booked a flight, one day, on our way back from work the thought came up, why we didn’t just cycle instead of taking an airplane. It didn’t take us long and this idea grew into a plan. This, of course, required a lot of research. And the more we were looking into it the more we found out what convinced us about this way of travelling: being close to the people and the surroundings, experiencing the slight changes in landscape and culture, and travelling slowly without any jet lags or stress at airports.

In everyday life we enjoy cycling a lot and we have both done some small bicycle tours. But this tour will be bigger than all the to ones we have done before. We are curious about how we will be getting on.

Having this plan, a lot of questions arose:

  • What kind of bikes are needed for a tour like that?
  • Is it doable at all?
  • Which route is good and safe?
  • Which temperatures can we expect?
  • What kind of equipment do we need?
  • Are we able (and do we want) do carry all that what we need?
  • What needs to be considered regarding insurances, visas, vaccinations, etc.?
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